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How to Order for Web Hosting on watu.co.ke

STEP 1. Go to the URL https://www.watu.co.ke on your browser.
STEP 2. Click on Web from the menu then on the “View Products” button.
STEP 3. Click on the “Get Hosting” button.
STEP 4. On the new page that opens, click on your preferred hosting package.
STEP 5. Select one of the options and click continue.
STEP 6. If you would like to upgrade hosting select from the options if not make sure “No Thank You” is checked
STEP 7. Fill in additional information which includes the platform you would like to install on your website, title, description, username and password then click continue.
STEP 8. Login as an existing customer if you already registered or create a new account.
STEP 9. Check your preferred payment method.
STEP 10. Now check your email for invoice and new account details

Your website is now ready, you can login and edit to your desired specifications.

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