What Is The Course About?

A+ is a two part course that is sometimes combined and into a single offering at a center’s discretion. These two courses are A+ Essentials and A+ Practical. The combined offering is the “A+ Certification”. Regardless of the course offering, both parts have associated exams that need to be passed in order to obtain the certification.

Learning Objective

  • Identify the hardware components of personal computers and mobile digital devices.
  • Identify the basic components and functions of operating systems.
  • Identify networking and security fundamentals.
  • Identify the operational procedures that should be followed by professional PC technicians
  • Install, configure, and troubleshoot display devices.
  • Install and configure peripheral components.
  • Manage system components.
  • Manage data storage.
  • Install and configure Microsoft Windows.
  • Optimize and maintain Microsoft Windows.
  • Identify the hardware and software requirements for client environment configurations.
  • Identify network technologies.
  • Install and configure networking capabilities.
  • Support printers and multifunction devices.
  • Identify security threats, vulnerabilities, and controls.
  • Implement security controls.
  • Troubleshoot system-wide issues.

Learning Outcome

  • Identifying, using, connecting hardware components and devices.
  • Install and support Windows OS including command line & client.
  • Support, Troubleshoot PC and mobile device issues including application security support.
  • Explain types of networks and connections including TCP/IP, WIFI and SOHO.
  • Troubleshoot device and network issues, Identify and protect against security vulnerabilities for devices and their network connections.
  • Install & configure laptops
  • Follow best practices for safety, environmental impacts, communication and professionalism.

Where will the classes take place?

The registration is ongoing. The course will take place at Watu Workspace, Donholm, Nairobi, Kenya.

Target audience

If you are getting ready for a career as an entry-level information technology (IT) professional or personal computer (PC) service technician, the CompTIA A+ Certification course is the first step in your preparation.


Students taking this course should have the following skills: end-user skills with Windows- based personal computers, including the ability to: browse and search for information on the Internet; start up, shut down, and log on to a computer and network; run programs; and move, copy, delete, and rename files in Windows Explorer. Students should also have basic knowledge of computing concepts, including the difference between hardware and software; the functions of software components, such as the operating system, applications, and file systems; and the function of a computer


  • Learn in a well-equipped computer laboratory 
  • Get a certificate after completion


Course duration will be provided soon


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