What Is The Course About?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is an information technology (IT) certification from Cisco. CCNA certification is an associate-level Cisco Career certification. This course covers advanced topics in Computer Networking such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Data Center Networking and Content Distribution.

Learning Objective

The broad sets of topics covered under CCNA certification include:

  • LAN Switching Technology
  • Routing Technology
  • WAN Technology
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure Security
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Identify network devices
  • Describe the roles of a firewall
  • Understand Cisco certificates
  • Use ipconfig, ping and traceroute commands
  • Check basic network connectivity

Learning Outcome

  • After completion of the course, the student will be able to manage Network for an Organization
  • Students will be able to explain network security concepts.
  •  Students will be able to apply Cisco networking technologies.

Where will the classes take place?

The registration is ongoing. The course will take place at Watu Workspace, Donholm, Nairobi, Kenya.

Target audience

Students taking this course should have the following skills: end-user skills with Windows-based personal computers, including the ability to: browse and search for information on the Internet; start up, shut down, and log on to a computer and network; run programs; and move, copy, delete, and rename files in Windows Explorer. Students should also have basic knowledge of computing concepts, including the difference between hardware and software; the functions of software components, such as the operating system, applications, and file systems; and the function of a computer network.


The target student is anyone with basic computer user skills who are interested in obtaining a job as an IT professional or PC technician. In addition, this course will help prepare students to achieve a CCNA Certification.


  • Learn in a well-equipped computer laboratory 
  • Get a certificate after completion


The period for the course will be provided soon.


The fee will be provided soon

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