What Is The Training About?

Whether you are starting your own business or supplementing your understanding of accounting, this business course will help you understand accounting basics and give you meaningful financial tools to understand business.

The reason accounting may be the best route to a successful business is because it has always been considered as the language and the basic tool in business. It has always concerned itself with determining how a business is doing and what is its bottom line.

Learning Objectives

Understanding the four basics financial statements is key:

  • The necessary accounting terminology and concepts
  • Income statement
  • Bank reconciliation statement
  • Financial analysis
  • Statement of cash flows

The course goes beyond just understanding these financial statements. Accounting for business takes you through the building blocks and accounting cycles that create each statement. In addition, this course will give you the basic tools to assess profitability and break your cost down to help analyze any company.

Learning Outcome

To assist the learner with accounting ideas, provide advice and help him/her on ways to reduce the cost of the business, improve the business profits and be able to mitigate risks.

Target Audience

This course is built to fit the needs of different people, including those having small businesses, medium businesses or those who want to know the basics of accounting to have their own investments or those wanting to start their own businesses.

Where Will the Classes Take Place?

All classes will take place at Watu Workspace, located in Donholm, opposite savannah estate, Nairobi.


  • Exercise book A4 for taking notes, pen & a calculator.
  • For course books, the instructor will give out handouts and some notes will be dictated by the instructor.

What to Expect

This course serves as an introduction to accounting and will mostly be based on the business part of accounting. Because of this, the course will help you to manage how money is used and help you assess where your business is.

Accounting for business will prepare you for entrepreneurship if you want to start or already in business. When you are studying accounting for business, you’re learning practical skills about crunching numbers and analyzing costs that your business or employers need.


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The duration for the course is three months.


The total fee for the full course is Ksh 15,600. The amount can be paid in monthly installments  of Ksh 5,200

It can be paid via M-Pesa Till No. 748239  or KCB bank account No. 1170843670


At the end of the course, the learner should be able to carry out the practical part of the business accounting and to understand all the concepts of accounting for business.

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